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As a designer I'm a great admirer of classic timepieces and I have a passion for and fascination with products that are exceptionally well made. A couple of years ago, I started to search the market for a leather strap that should suite my new watch. You know, when you have that picture in your head but can't find something even close to your imagination. Well, I realised that I have to make one my self – and I did.

Style and genuineness

Inspiration comes from the early leather watch straps worn in the beginning of the last century. It was rustic but elegant in it’s simplicity and with an extraordinary finish – almost immutable in style. I use unsealed leather, so the strap will evolve a unique patina from use. Many of my products are made in very limited editions thus ensuring you own a very unique item that is not mass-produced. All items are made by me in my workshop in Stockholm.


Every step of the strap making process is completed by hand with great care and attention to detail. This includes measuring and cutting, colouring surfaces and edges, punching holes, pre-piercing the stitch holes, stitching the strap and finishing the strap edges. It's all made with small manual tools, so you might find some minor imperfection which is unavoidable for a handmade strap. And well, there you have it – the feeling of quality and uniqueness.


The store will open soon, but until then drop me a mail


A watch strap should suit your wrist in a comfortable way and look good. When wearing your watch, the end of the strap should not be too long that it get stuck in your clothes and not too short that it won't reach into both of the strap keepers.

At the moment I decided to only make straps that will fit a wrist size of 17–19.5 cm / 0.67–0.77 inch, will fit 20 mm lugs, and mesuring 18 mm of the inside of the buckle. More sizes will come.

Lug width

Measure the distance between the lugs of your watch using a metric ruler or caliper. Available lug width at the moment 20 mm.

Buckle width

Your watch strap will come with a polished stainless steel high quality buckle, but if you'd like to use the buckle from your old strap, or the one that came with your watch, measured along the spring bar from the inside of one side to the inside of the other. Available buckle width at the moment 18 mm.


If you think that your wrist might be above or below average in size, it's very important to determine what length is best for you. Either way, you can avoid the hassle of an exchange by verifying your length requirement. Simply measure your wrist by using a measure band, but be careful, don't pull it to tight. Feel how you want your strap to fit – lose or tight. Have in mind that a strap will normally strech approximately 3–5%. Please also measure the length of your watch.


Determine your strap size*

* The circumference of your wrist will probably be XX–XX cm / XX–XX inch. If you have a extraordinary small or big watch this calculation will not work.